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Structure and Development of The Australian Curriculum Essay -- Educat

The Australian Curriculum has been a long time coming, but its large(p) that it is almost here now. The Australian Curriculum has been designed with some congenator to Tyler and Skillbecks models. It is suspected that theorists such as Piaget were also considered during the development. The Australian Curriculum relates to Piagets stages of progression, with political platform being designed for specific levels of maturation and development. With learners of this generation, it was incredibly important that an updated, class was to be designed so that it could facilitate the needs of the 21st century learners. This new generation of learners seem to be almost born with elementary computer skills, so the ICT program has been completely redeveloped. The curriculum has also spread out to make way for Asian studies which will help students as they do into their careers. The Australian Curriculum has been developed to cover a broad take to the woods of topics, concerns and value s that will be discussed throughout this paper.The Australian Curriculum is organized in a few different ways. There are devil main design elements, Curriculum content (what the t individuallyer is to t each(prenominal)) and Achievement standards (what the student is to learn). There is also Reporting Framework which incorporates elements of both areas. These elements were designed to exit guidelines as to what would be included in the Australian Curriculum. The Curriculum content is organised into categories (strands), and are presented with descriptions to report and describe what is to be taught at each year level. Together, these descriptions form the scope and sequence across all cover years of schooling (Foundation to Year Ten). The areas of study covered in each year build upon the previou... ...ost-school lives. The Australian Curriculum prepares students for their roles in a family and for a career that will ready the use of computers at least in some parts of the bus iness. The Australian Curriculum prepares students for the world that they will have to face confidently, and living with their morals, values and knowledge of who they really are.ReferencesACARA. (2010). The Shape of the Australian Curriculum Document V2.0. Retrieved from http//, C. (2010). Becoming a teacher Knowledge, skills and issues. fifth Ed. Frenchs Forest, NSW Pearson.Brady, L., Kennedy, K. (2010). Curriculum Construction. 4th Ed. Frenchs Forest, NSW Pearson.Wilson, L. (2005). Leslie Owen Wilsons Curriculum Index. Retrieved from http//

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