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Prader-Willi Syndrome Essay -- essays research papers

Prader-Willi SyndromPrader-Willi Syndrome is a serious genetic sickness that begins at birth with no cognise cure causing mental retardation, ill-considered stature,low musculustone,incomplete sexual development,and its main charecteristic,the desire to eate precisething and anything in sight.Prader-Willi syndrome was first known as Prader-Labhart-Willi Syndrome by and bythree Swiss doctors who first described the disorder in 1956. The doctorsdescribed a miserable group of kids with obesity, short stature and mentaldeficiency , neonatal hypotonia (floppiness) and a desire to eer eatbecause they are eternally hungry. Many other(a) features of PWS have since beendescribed, provided extreme obesity and the health problems associated with being dilateare the more or less prominent features. Individuals with PWS have some but not all ofthe very(prenominal) features and symptoms.PWS is a birth defect. A defect in the hypothalamus, a role of the brain, issuspected to be the c ause.The hypothalamus determines hunger and satiety.Theycant fell satiety,so they always have a urge to eat.Some PWS cases are so outof assure thay will eat bottlecaps,glass,pencils,garbage,bugs,dogfood, andanything else they can stuff in their mouths."The ingenuity and design of PWS children in surreptitiously obtainingedibles is almost legendary and belies their cognitive defects. Serial weighingmay be the only way to discover whether such a child is, in fact, stealingfood"(Finey,1983).PWS occurs in about l in 10,000 births. It occurs in both males and femalesequally and is found in concourse of all races and all nations.It is one of the tenmost common conditions seen in genetics clinics.Young people with PWS resemble each other very much.Most of the time, they looklike brother and sister. Most of PWS people have sweet almond shaped eyes, narrowforeheads, downturned mouth, thin upper lip and a small chin. Other commonfeatures are obesity , they may be short they have small hands and feet havea skin pick habit, thick and sticky saliiva,incomplete sexual development, acurved spine (scoliosis),and degenerative sleepiness.PWS patients also have similar personalities talkative, friendly,extremeattempts towards getting food,arguementivness,repetitve thoughts and behavior,stubbornness, frequent temper tantrums, and sometimes sudden acts of violence.Most people with PWS have some degree of men... PWS after six months of emergence hormone treatmentOther significant actions of growth hormone that have been reported is animprovement of muscle mass, muscle strength, zilch expenditure, bonemineralization ,sexual development ,and also a decrease in fat mass ,have led tofurther investigations in people with PWS.Children with PWS have unequivocal behavioral abnormalities because of all thefrustrations associated with the syndrome. These behaviors may begin as early astwo years of age. They will get a variety of disparate eating behaviors likeforag ing for food, secretly eating large amounts of food, and other attempts tocontinue eating. Other problems include verbally and physically aggressivebehaviors such as lying, stealing, scratching and skin picking. Tantrums andunprovoked outbursts are common among children and youths with PWS. multitude with mild cases of PWS can do many things their normal peers can do,suchas go to school,get jobs,and sometimes even move away from home.However theyneed a lot of help.Kids going to school would need to be enrolled in limitededucation programs(Otherwise theyd be eating their pencil and paper).They needto be constantly supervised.

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