Friday, March 15, 2019

Decrease Of Teen Pregnancy Rate :: essays research papers

The overall teen birth prescribe has declined by 16 percent from 1991 to 1997. All states be recording a decline and it is the one-sixth year in a row that the teen birth rate has declined, stated Donna Shalala, HHS secretary of U. S. Newswire. Although the birthrate among teens is decreasing and the percentage of one-year-oldrs who have had versed intercourse is declining, it is a multi-fauceted problem affecting todays youth. The disposal is taking in to consideration all possibilities and conditions with teen births to make an affectional way to prevent it.Teenage pregnancy is a condition that evoke be controlled in many instances. Congress campaign is To reduce the teenage pregnancy by supporting values and stimulating actions that are uniform with a pregnancy-free adolescence, stated the Speaker pro tempore Mr. Taylor of North Carolina. Congress remainder is to balance the budget and reduce spending in the area of Medicaid funds, nutrition stamps, and AFDC funds that are especially hard-hit by the teenage pregnancy problem. diminution teenage childbearing through this campaign is likely to require more than than eliminating or manipulating welfare programs.A form of prevention funded by the department of Public Health in Massachusetts is The Challenge Fund. It is a community-based admission to teen pregnancy prevention. These coalitions unite youth, family, and community in order to lay down and increase opportunities for youth development and leadership. It also increases awareness of ownership of the risks, be and problems of teen pregnancy.The Federal Government has invested millions of dollars into an sobriety education program for young adults that provide ways for them to avoid sexual activity at much(prenominal) a young age. The program teaches teens the importance of sustaining from sexual activity sooner marriage and the importance of a monogamous relationship in a marriage. It also teaches them the harmful effects psychologic ally and physically, of sexual activity at a young age.Studies show a trend toward sexual abstinence and improved use of condoms as possible reasons for sudden change in the pregnancy rate decreasing. Other studies also show that teen abortions are steadily declining as well, ruling out abortion as a factor in the falling national teen birth rate. The government activity cannot calculate an overall teen pregnancy rate, which includes live births and abortions, because ten states celebrate no figures on abortions, stated Stephanie Ventura, a statistician with CDCs interior(a) Center for Health Statistics.

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