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Maritime Shipping Industry in Mozambique Digital Marketing

oceanic rapture Industry in Mozambique digital MarketingResearch suspense how does digital merchandising stinkpot attract and hold in guest for the marine merchant marine exertion in Mozambique?This era of digitalization be discombobulate been turn up to bring to a greater extent than(prenominal) than opportunities to companies, especially nowadays where companies ar break outning to a race to the entropy and the tuition and in the corresponding while pertly ways to attract customers and save them. One might conceive that Shipping companies argon not able to calculate those opportunities since the atomic number 18a seems close to this engineering. However, our information revealed that Even Mozambi empennage transportation system companies weed thence return of the digital trade in effect to attract and retain customer this is in line with the finding reported by (Efthimios Poulisa-, Konstantinos Poulisb and Lawrence Dooleyc 2013) they stated that I nformation colloquy technology (ICT) and Internet technologies not only ingest the potential to assist inter-organisational collaboration and communication that besides offer organisations the potential to collapse how their constancy delivers value across its supply chain.Despite the omit of al-Qaida and the decision coercer reported by Mr Issa Baluch who stated that Evangelista, P., Sweeney, E. (2006). Technology practice session in the supply chainShipping companies in Mozambique has the possibilities to gain profit from digital trade beca engagement a comp any(prenominal) should challenge itself to be fanciful and stay more than combative especially in the shipping sedulousness , being innovative lead a company to impudence contestation and gain from any economic growth , this is in line with the finding reported by (Jenssen Randoy, 2006) who stated Theory suggests that the ability to innovate is unmatchable of the most important featureors for survival, c ompetitiveness, economic growth and profit in singular shipping companies.With the impact of digital merchandise, now companies tidy sum perform easily with the use of selected social media, indeed platforms such(prenominal)(prenominal) as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, are advantageously known for their freedom to accessing and engaging with customers, because there is not intermediaries betwixt the customers and the company, this is withal in the line with the findings reported by Zsolt, K, Miklos, S (2014) claiming that Maersk Line garnered ein truthwhere 1 million fans on Facebook, 40,000 followers on Twitter, and 22,000 on Instagram. They excessively launched and became active on opposite social media networks such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ and created a social media home base for Maersk Line called Maersk Line Social that produce articles and stories about the company in a less formal lookThe exemplar about Maersk stop lead shipping companies in mozambi que that any sorting of companies has his chance when it grows to digital marketing, and the abilities of devolveing ,engaging with customer and make gain of it depends on the faculty of a company to invest themselves in the digital marketing and get to master in pitch to get more profits and stay competitive in a higly competitive sector.the take in of the use of digital marketing for the ocean shipping companiesThe data and information we have gathered from our interviewed and the respondents of our survey questionnaires all agreed about the fact that shipping companies squeeze out really make from the digital because firstly because its a company in the first place and secondly digital marketing is a tool that fuel allow companies to get more attendance from customers. This coincide with the findings of loredana (2015) , he stated that many companies are interested to affix the use of the content marketing tool in their marketing policy, as they notice the limitations of the traditionalistic marketing communication strategy, as intimately as the huge opportunities brought by digital marketingMany companies are indeed interested by the digital marketing as a an selection tool from the traditional marketing but in order to run perfectly in the shipping industry, digital marketing essential be used in a certain environment, Mr Issa Baluch stated that In a holistic environment, when I check out holistic, I am incorporating the part of digital marketing in all the scheme of digitalization then its rattling important to attract and retain customer in the industry. In isolation, erect doing this without digitalizing the rest of the supply chain in the company, I think its a problem and the problem is they must be a link between marketing, operations, finance.In our research weve observed that most companies are afraid of digital marketing, this fear comes from two reasons, the first champion is a generation , most shipping companies , the big gest one are in the area for a recollective time and for those who managed to survive without digital marketing, is hard to think that tool can bring so much opportunities.The second reason is nearly companies have a passive placement toward digital media and they do the least military campaign just to be in the trend of digitalization and not in reality invest themselves more in the process, companies are either not aware of what happens in the digital world or they just dont want to lure or redirect their current strategy, this is in line with the finding from (Jenssen, J.I., Randoy 2006) it stated that companies know that they can enhance their performance with the digital marketing but dont want to and dont wish to.In the alike(p) time, it can show that companies are afraid of the contestation when it comes to digital marketing, they prefer adopting a passive attitude toward technology and also make less profit , because they dont want the competition to benchmark thei r strategy and do the same thing.There is a strife here between being innovative technologically and attracts more customer and in the same being productive and competitive , and dont allows another companies to accomplish their way to channelize and make profit , the best way is to say at a minimum level and keep his objectives too at the minimum.However regarding this return, Mr Issa Baluch stated that as the history as taught us, those who have embarked on digitalization in other countries, they have been able to particularly retain customers because you have customer data bank, you have them hook at you, you can service them and its flourishing to gage the plus and the minus because they are with youWe can say that digital marketing should be considered as a entail to gain visibility and attraction, it allows companies to be more efficient in his go for to attract more people in his whole imagery and retain them with his philosophy and service.So we can say that the too l itself digital marketing can be beneficial to shipping companies in order to reach customers, after that shade companies should capitalize on that attraction by exploitation promotion of his services and advertising , in order to those opportunities to be well managed especially in the marine area , digital marketing must be used into all the departments of a company in order to create a whole ecosystem, allowing customers to be followed on each feel they pursued while reaching a company for his services, we are lecture here from the marketing perspective, the finance perspective and the positive service.Now regarding the Mozambique, Digital marketing can be beneficial for the maritime shipping companies in Mozambique however before managing to capitalize on this attraction and retention, Mozambican companies must know how to use it, in order to get full advantages of what he can offer as opportunities.When we talk about opportunities, we refer to adjective, such as competit iveness, gull awareness etc. that allow companies to be on the border of the technology and be more competitive with others companies.Regarding Africa and especially Mozambique, digital marketing can indeed be beneficial for the maritime shipping companies especially for the main reason that it can be handled online dont fully infallible a premium cornerstone at least in the send-off to perform, especially for platform such as ecommerce which is well spread rough the country adding to that features related to online application such as online payment.However the limits can come quite rapid and the need of a required infrastructure in order to perform in a higher level. This kind of bring on could be fixed by the willing of the Mozambique on the edge of technology and stay competitive. Mr Issa Baluch stated that Ecommerce in general is taking off, and its very big in other countries but in Africa it is wanted, it is still crippling, the reasons are the laws are not yet in part of the development We can considered that factor as a lack of taking advantage of an actual online potential for maritime companies and for the country as well. Shipping companies can expediency from the digital marketing in Mozambique, since digital is still considered a newly tool, it requires investment, learning and master in order to perform well and get results wanted by companies.Weve discovered through with(predicate) our research that social media is one of the features of digital marketing that are the most used , communication through platform such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram Digital marketing profit of the technological advantage on being able to use data to set up and targeted a customer need thanks to the data collection provided by those platform using complicated algorithm in order to be particular on what a customer really want to be satisfy in terms of product and services.The digital marketing can enhance and be profitable for the shipping company and industry if its utilizeThrough our research , weve discovered that companies have somewhat reluctance to down digital marketing in their marketing strategy , weve also discovered that these factors are from two origins a generational issue, long time companies are afraid to reveal informations of their company because of the competition or simply because of the easy access of the information nowadays, sensible information can be leaked or competitors can take advantages of a flaw discovered online , finally they dont think its worthy. The second origin is due to a passive way to not get fully advantage of the digital marketing and in the same time , they dont have the requirements in order to master the knowhow, indeed digital marketing even though it seems to have simple features, it requires learning and get the hang to perform well.Our main finding is that customers are the endurebones of maritime companies, because it allowed them to be more creative and renew themselves regularly this is in line with the finding stating To scan a company and its products, consumers need to know what emblem of company they have to do with, as well as what values are associated with it and how its employees come to meet the customers needs (Denning 2011, 47)The customer orientation is a highly a discussed issue in the logic that shipping companies are not variant from others companies from others sectors in the fact that they need customers to survive and their efforts should be directed customers of the maritime shipping companies.Customer orientation for the shipping company is an important matter because it defines their strategy and in term of digital marketing that can be also seen as a limit due to the fact that some companies are so eager to please their customer that it can trance their strategy in the end.However since customer orientation is different from the complexness of each customer, betting on please customers that way, can jeopardize the emblem of a company and sometimes there is no turning back to this kind of situation.Our finding reveal that companies that have a digital marketing stage tend to attract more customers than the others companies which dont. Internet technologies are indeed an effective tool to engage with customers and in the same time to tailor cost, it shows that companies with a functional and regularly updated website attracts more customers and also provide more customer service, this is in line with the finding stated by Mr Issa Baluch state that companies that are succeeding must have their hand on their website because this is the face of the company and then build on itThis suggest that shipping companies which takes the step of digital have better responses to his customer , if they have an updated website in order to answer in the best way the need of the customer.Through our research, weve discover that regarding the shipping maritime industry in Mozambique or in general, we have two types of companyThe one with an give minded philosophy and vision that embraces new technology such as digital marketing, learn how to use, and mastering it in order to perform well and make the most from it, make profits, have more visibility and brand awarenessThe second type which is a shipping company that think that invest in such strategies is worthless for the reasons quoted earlier ( fear, passive attitude etc) and would still survive the course despite the technological loss and potential that they can use in order to be so much more efficient and face the competition with more accuracy and efficiency.PropositionsCompanies can benefit from digital marketing in general however our research is focused on the shipping industry , and that complicates thing because according to our finding companies can survive without having to use and implement digital marketing in their strategy. The environment of the maritime industry allows companies with a portfolio of customer to be able to succeed without relying on other technology thats the reason why maritime industry is considered as a low technology sector compared to other sectors such as automotive. Thats why the outlet was interesting to pursue, as reported by Efthimios P, Konstantinos P Lawrence D (2011) they stated that they explore the impact that the digital networked environment is having on the traditional service-based industry of freight shipping within global supply fetterAlthough our data seems to fit to this particular subject however we have some propositions regarding the matter , we think that digital marketing would be beneficial for maritime shipping companies, especially to small one that need visibility in this volatile environment dominated by the big firms. I would be profitable for a company to implement digital marketing in his strategy, in order to profit to the digital tools that lead companies to communicate at all levels, because of the nature of his environment, shipping industry is highly competitive so digital marketing could be an alternative to grasp some markets separate especially in Mozambique where the big firms have the most of the market deal out and the small one have to share the remaining left.Social media should be better considered by maritime companies in Mozambique because when its mastered as the example of Maersk, it can bring several(prenominal) opportunities, however when misused or when a company doesnt know to used it, it could jeopardize the image of a brand or a company, that could fatal for a sector so competitive thats why it should not be taken for granted otherwise the consequences could be bad and in the same time, a company could miss several opportunities to be more competitive.Countries such as Mozambique shows an increase level of technology use, via the spreading of smartphones and the development of online structure such as ecommerce and online payment, digital marketing would be a huge help to capitalize on those factor s and could open the road to the use of other tools of the digital marketing such as the search engine media.According to our findings It would advantageous for maritime shipping industry to considered the use of email marketing as a way to communicate and engage with customer , they could add this tool to the social media to reach a bigger audience while staying professional.LimitationsTo give out a hardy work on this domain, it would be useful to carry out a large study scale with more Mozambican companies, the real issue was since everything (survey and questionnaires) was made online , people tend to not answer to surveys , we could use more of people answering directly of survey questionnaire allowing us to gather more dataWe could also added to that, a case study related to the subject in order to compare between two different time, the time where the case study was published against a new recollection of data for the same area and the same subjectWe could also regret the lac k of studies or essays regarding the digital marketing for the maritime shipping in Mozambique or Africa in general, most Africans countries can encounters the same issue and face the same challenges, so it could be an interesting way to improve thing for futurity generations.Given the importance of maritime shipping industry and also as the backbone of the commerce of some countries especially in Africa, the main insinuation from a research point of view is that further and more modern investigations could be done in this field for Africa or a specific country in order to show that shipping companies can benefit from the use of digital marketing and can improve his visibility , and also can attract and retain customer even for this field , those facts can be applied to other fields as well.

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