Thursday, March 14, 2019

Comparing the Treatment of Death in the Movie Antz and Antony and Cleop

Comparing the Treatment of demise in the Movie Antz and Antony and CleopatraAt first sight, Shakespeares Antony and Cleopatra and the movie Antz expect to bear little resemblance to each other. Not only does a time period of al virtually 400 years separate the government issue of Antony and Cleopatra from the first broadcast of Antz, but the very species of the characters differ as well. Yet, in the two stories the characters thoughts and actions are surprisingly similar, especially in regard to the thematic elements of state of war and death.Antony, the middle-aged Roman general in Antony and Cleopatra, and General Mandible, the hardhearted commander in Antz, both share the opinion that the life of an unmarried soldier does not matter. Instead of trying to ensure the safety of their soldiers, they expose them by taking great risks. Antony persists in fighting Caesar at sea although Enobarbus warns him that a fight at sea would mean to throw outside(a) the absolute soldiersh ip he has by land and to give himself up merely to coquet and hazard. Similarly, General Mandible declares war on the termite colony and body indifferent when Cutter, one of the soldiers, objects that a battle against the termites is suicide. Antony and Cleopatra presents large-scale death in a more distant way than Antz. Shakespeares play does not contain bloody war scenes displaying slain men. Death in Antony and Cleopatra retains a certain nobleness and dignity because the audience does not see unpleasant moments of poor nor disfigured war victims. Antz, by contrast, shows the brutality of war and the disfigured corpses of the ants and termites subsequently the battle. Barbados, who saves Zs life during the battle, is dismembered -- at the neck -- by the ter... ...mes most horrible at the end when General Mandible, in a fast uncontrolled rage against Cutter, reveals his whole cruelty and shouts I am the colony.At first sight one might expect that in Antony and Cleopatra w ar would be the predominant theme, for the Romans are well-known as warriors throughout their earlier history. It may therefore be surprising to find that Shakespeares play focuses less on detailed battle scenes than Antz, especially since the latter is a childrens movie. But maybe the emphasis on war in the movie is not a contradiction to the fact that it is primarily intend for a very young audience. Are not the children of today the voters and politicians of tomorrow and would it not be beneficiary for the future of mankind if before agreeing to a war those voters and politicians reminded themselves of Barbados last words Think for yourself?

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