Friday, March 15, 2019

RIP Bradley Nowell :: essays research papers

-T hose of you who were fortunate enough to meet Bradley Nowell, dictum a man who liked to smile and sing. He did these two things with the superior of ease. The man we knew liked to pick up a guitar, non needles, precisely on the 25th of May in 1996, many of us were blow out of the water by the news of his tragic finish. Just s stock-still days earlier, he married the beautiful Troy Dendekker. Things were lookin absolutely bright for him. It was rumored that he even woke up extra early on the morning of his death to paseo his dog on the beach because he felt just corking to be living. Hours later after he woke up, he was found suddenly from a heroin overdose in his San Francisco motel room. W hat went faulty I thought to myself? I remember hearing the news of his death on a local radio station. Ive been a deluxe lover since my senior year of high school. The single "Date Rape" do the Chicago airwaves and I was hooked. I did a little research and I discovered tha t Bradley had been in and out of rehabilitation centers since 1992. Many people that Ive talked to intimately Bradleys death really didnt seem to care. Being a huge Sublime fan, I was angered by their ignorance. Most of the time I hear people say that it was Bradleys fault for taking the drug in the prototypical place, hardly I came to realize that it really wasnt his fault. Troy Nowell says in the VH1 documentary on Bradley that obviously the drug was "bigger than both of us (Bradley and Troy)". She say he hated what he was doing, and tried to stop numerous times, besides the world is ignorant to the fact that this drug, heroin, is extremely physically addictive. Bud Gaugh, the drummer of Sublime, tell he used to hug, sweat, and cry with Bradley during his fight with heroin. If it were his choice, Bradley wouldve stopped using it, but heroin took a hold of his nerves and his entire body. W e need to remember the Bradley who gave us three absolutely spectacular albums and a voice that stopped the world, not the one who stuck needles in his arm. There is not a day that goes by that I dont think about him a good twelve hours during the day.

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