Sunday, March 24, 2019

Nestle: Operating in a Global Economy Essay -- strategic management ca

cuddle is a large caller with everyplace 150 years of history. The caller-up deals with world(prenominal) fruition and competes around the solid ground in an effort to achieve steady growth and profit. Competing in the global economy requires dealing with many challenges to meet production goals and grocery store products to antithetic cultures. Nestle also markets to third world countries that need nutritious feed at a reasonable price. The company is a market drawing card in numerous product lines that have provided a solid foot for sales and profit. Nestle has strong brand recognition that provides a rivalrous advantage to get into new-fangled markets and expand in existing markets. in operation(p) in the global market means embracing numerous opportunities patch avoiding various threats. The strategical management Nestle exhibited serves as an excellent reason study in operating in a global economy. recital The Nestle company traces its roots back to 1866 when Henri Nestle began searching for a wellnessy and economical alternative for m new(prenominal)s who were unable to breast feed their infants. Nestles first customer was a premature infant that could non tolerate the mothers milk or any other substitutes available at the time (Nestle). The new product saved the babies brio and people quickly recognized the value of the new product. By 1900, the company grow to other products including powdered soup, bouillon cubes, sauces and flavorings. Through the early 1900s, production expanded and factories were operating in the United States, Britain, Germany and Spain. In 1904, Nestle added chocolate to its product line by reaching an agreement with the Swiss General cocoa Company. The company continued to expand and began manufacturing in Australia and e... ...nclusion Nestle is a market leading company and serves as an excellent case study for illustrating strategic management in the global economy. The companies roots go all the manner back to 1866 and the established history have created a strong company tested by the ups and downs of the world economy. Establishing a strong market mingy and vision for health and nutrition provide Nestle a substantiating reputation. The company has weathered two world wars and has continue to refine the bodied strategy. This flexibility and adaptability have enabled steady growth and success through these changing market conditions. Nestle can continue this success by establishing new markets and creating new products. In particular, continuing research and development to expand health and nutrition focused products will facilitate the ability to achieve above-average returns.

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