Thursday, March 28, 2019

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My Journal - Chronicling day-by-day Life ExperiencesIt is the start of a new year and I panorama I would start a journal chronicling my daily experiences. Tonight we obstinate to go to the local F.O.P. lodge to a New Years eve party. We had a pretty good time but what happened later that evening is something that I hope I dont forget for a long time to come. Still fresh in my intellectual was the conversation Angela and I had on Christmas night. She was hinting that she wasnt sure if she wanted to be in a serious relationship this soon after the breakup of her earlier one. If that wasnt hard enough on Christmas she also was to ill to assure my brothers wedding with me in Madison Indiana . To add to all(prenominal) the astonishment in my head, on my way home I stopped and got her a rose and a happy New Years balloon. She seemed quite moved(p) by the gesture but also visibly troubled by it. I asked her if she was ready to have a good time this night and she said I was but now I dont know. Now what in the world does that mean I tried applying all sorts of significant meanings to that statement but in the end I heady to just let it go and let events unfold as they would. stiff forward to 2 minutes before midnight. Angela is an absolute goddess, she is very ravishing and one of the nicest, sweetest woman I have ever met, but she is not one given to affection, especially public affection. Well at 2 minutes till she laid a kiss on me that lasted closely after midnight. She absolutely blew me away The rest of the night was nice, we went to a straddle more clubs but that moment is burned into my memory. Everything else paled in comparison. I dont know if it is possible but I think I kissed her with my heart as well as my lips. I have perceive of your minds eye, but tonight I found my hearts babble................. January 2, 1997I slept very happily all morning. I guess we were up a little later than I thought. I think my mind is still reeling from l ast night. I dont know what Im going to do with my self since Monday Night football is off, and buffalo is out of the playoffs.

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