Monday, February 11, 2019

The Significance of John in Brave New World :: Brave New World

The Significance of can buoy in Brave New macrocosm   In Brave New World, there are three societies the school rules of order of Bernard and Mustapha Mond, the savage society of John and Linda, and the old society, which is non explicitly in the ledger but is described by the characters. These societies are immensely different. The old society is 20th century Western society the civilized society creates people and conditions them for happiness and stability and the savage society is in truth far behind the civilized society technologically, and is very religious. John is a very important character in the novel because he represents the connect between all three of these societies. Johns mother was created in the civilized society and lived there until John was accidentally conceived. She had to move to the savage society, and John was innate(p) and raised there. John had a connection to civilized society from an aboriginal age from hearing stories from his mother. He also came across a book of Shakespeare and by reading it, learned about old society. These however, are estimable preliminary connections for the bridges that will soon be built.   The adult John comes to civilized society as an experiment by Marx and Mond to see how a savage would adapt to civilization. Frankly, he does not adapt very well. He is appalled by the lifestyle and ideas of civilized people, and gets himself into a lot of anesthetise by denouncing civilization. He loves Lenina very a good deal, but gets very upset at her when she wants to have sex with him. He physically attacks her, and from that point on does not want to have anything to do with her. When his mother dies, he interferes with the death teach of children by being sad. Finally, his frustrations with the civilized world become too much for him and he decides to take action. He tries to be a sort of a Messiah to a group of Deltas, trying to free them from the effect of soma. He tells them only the t ruth, but it is not the truth that the Deltas have been conditioned to believe, so to them it is a violent lie and they begin to cause a shriek. When the riot is subdued, John is apprehended and taken to have a blabber with Mustapha Mond.   This talk with Mustapha Mond is very enlightening for John, and it creates his connection with the old society.

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