Saturday, February 23, 2019

Gun Ban in America Essay

In 2012, the most serious topics that people always talking around is Gun shun. Most of people voted for ban triggermans after the computed tomographys crack incident. There are lots of children died in the wide-eyed school, and the Statesns realized the bad effects about selling guns legally in many states. There are at least four dig incidents each year. People may prize it is the time to ban the Statess guns now, but in fact it is not the guns fault. For my air division, guns should not be banned, and people have the right(a) to have guns ownership. Most people know that guns are one of Americas culture, just like the marijuana. People know what are nefarious things, but they go forth rase so find a way to endure them. So, banned guns discharget prevent unlawfuls. If the guns banned, criminal grass shut away use other weapons to kill people.For example, in 1976, Washington DC is sinful to own any handguns or to keep any type of guns in home unlocked. However, Wa shington DC has the most criminal rates in united states. Whenever the guns is illegally, criminals can make any weapons, such as bombs, criminals can make bombs by themselves. Most of time, its the personals occupations, criminals who caught by police always have mental ill or they dissatisfying about this country. Therefore, Government need strength the gun education and virtually rubber eraser classes about exploitation guns. Ban guns is not a good solution, because the problem is not about guns. In addition, ban guns means remove the right to someone.In America, people are highly regard human rights. heavy(a) up rights to bear arms would open up a demesne of control and unnecessary chaos. Some people have guns just for hunting, and they imagine guns are useful. Some of gun owner using guns in shooting range, they think it is their entertainment. Although, some cities made the announcement of gun ban, people were still reluctant to hand over their guns to Government. If the states that they live have banned guns, they can still go to another states to obtain another one. As part of Americans culture and freedom, it is impossible to ban guns exhaustive because of the polar constitutions between states.Finally, the last reason that guns should not be banned, because guns can nurse people. Except this criminals, most of people know how to use handguns, and they are using guns to protect their families. What if someone invade their house and pointing a gun at them, they can not wait until the police come. If that happens, no one will be safe. If a person wants to kill people, he will think all the way to hurt people even he did not have guns.However, what if the normal people does not have the guns to protect them when they join forces some incidents. Guns always give people a sense of security, even they just locked them at their house. In conclusion, ban guns is not a big deal in America. According to Washington DCs criminal rates, it did not decrea se the criminal rates at all. In some cities of America, restricted legislation could not restraint people to crime. Gun ban is only for temporary and it is not a permanent solution to this problem.

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