Sunday, February 17, 2019

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Essay -- Plagiarism at State Univers

As students of high school and college, and even in the professional world, we are asked to research and indite on subjects that are seen to be historic. The research that we are asked to do, has been done many times in the past, which mover people are bound to subroutine others ideas and quarrel with no recognition, sometimes without even knowing it. This leads to plagiarism, which is something many people have heard of, except never learned the true comment and the harm it can create. Schools and friendship need to be more pro passageive in explaining what plagiarism is, how to write correctly in order to prevent it, and teach the consequences plagiarism has.What is plagiarisation?According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, to plagiarize means, to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as ones own, to use (anothers production) without crediting the source, to commit literary theft, to present as saucy and original an idea or product derived from an exi sting source( piracy Merriam Webster, 2014). Not many people realize this, but plagiarism is an act of fraud since you are stealing something and claiming it as your own (Overview-Plagiarism, 2014). It may attend that copying a peace of writing is irrelevant to the law, and not important enough to be a crime, but the U.S. laws recognizes original ideas as smart property. Documented original ideas and words are protected by the copyright law( An additional source, The Writing and Humanistic Studies of MIT, states the definition of plagiarism is, Plagiarism is the use of someone elses ideas or language without acknowledging that they were not created by you. This definition applies to ideas, words and unusual structures regardless of where you find ... ...egrity and Plagiarism. (n.d.). English Language and Literatures. (2014). Retrieved January 20, 2014, from https// course of instruction/academi c-integrity-and-plagiarismAvoiding Plagiarism. (n.d.). Writing and Humanistic Studies. Retrieved January 20, 2014, from http// OF COMMUNITY STANDARDS AND STUDENT CONDUCT. (n.d.). Code of Conduct. (2012). Retrieved January 20, 2014, from http// - - Best Practices for Ensuring Originality in Written Work. (n.d.). Retrieved January 20, 2014, from http// (n.d.). Merriam-Webster. Retrieved January 19, 2014, from http//

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