Friday, February 8, 2019

The Authentic Mexican Restaurant :: Observation Essays, Descriptive Essays

If there is one place in Naples that I never get tired of going to, and where I can have summercater just by basking in the ambiance of its atmosphere, its the authentic Mexican eating place, Cilantro Tamales. At first glance the restaurant seems to be in an inconspicuous spot, lying in a strip m whole containing a no-name medicine store and consignment shop. However, despite the location, Cilantro Tamales stands out from all other restaurants or gathering places. Cilantro Tamales isnt a typic Mexican restaurant. Upon entering you are immediately realizeed with warm smiles, and are lead to a bamboo chaired table with all sorts of hot sauces and other sizzling toppings to greet you. The air is filled with spices. The cinnamon and jalapeo aromas mingle and drive the fancy rich. Every dish on the menu seems delicious and it is always concentrated to decide what to order. I always think that any dish which I dont try gives me the excuse to come back again. Everyone who eat at Ci lantro Tamales gets to have an unlimited amount of their fresh, homemade salsa with warm, savoury tortilla chips. The thick chunks of tomatoes and onions with hot peppers and cilantro make a perfect cabal for anyones taste buds. The waiters and waitresses carry immense trays burdened by the tilt of great tasting meals, and each dish has enough on it to make mountains jealous. The delicious food is not the only reason Cilantro Tamales stands out. The restaurant itself is rich with culture and flavor. All the walls are a shade of lurid yellow or sun burnt orange and red, which add to the Mexican feel. On the walls are historical black and white pictures of Mexico and its people which make for as cultural memories of times past. The Latin and Mexican dance music can always be heard in the restaurant. I sometimes cant help but move to its invigorating rhythm. An kindle facet to the restaurant is the hand crafted pottery.

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