Monday, February 18, 2019

Joeseph Mccarthy Essay -- essays research papers

Who was Joseph McCarthy?&9Joseph R. McCarthy was born in 1908 on a family farm in Wisconsin. He went to a country school and obdurate he was d angiotensin-converting enzyme with his education at the young age of 14. later on that, he explained to his family that he was subtletyed with his studies and wanted to become a granger like his father. &9Joe began a profitable product line of raising chickens after borrowing a plot of land from his father. Unfortunately, Joe became very ill and his business perished. Joe decided that he would go to work. At age 19 he became the manager of a grocery store in Manawa, a town thirty miles away. Some friends of his convinced him to go back to high school. He was a very smart man and, at the age of 20, managed to finish four years of high school in just one year. In 1930 he enrolled in Marquette University in Milwaukee where he soon succeeded in getting his law degree in 1935. He ended up moving north to Waupaca. There he ran and won the jud ge post for the ordinal District of the Wisconsin Curcuit Court.&9In 1942, Joe enlisted in the Marine Corps plain though he was exempt for the draft due to his public position. In his first two years as a lieutenant, he went on many flying missions, broke his leg on a ship during a party and gained a lot of attention from the press along the way. Although later he claimed that his injured leg was caused by ten pounds of sharpnel that he was carrying at the time. There is also a dispute about merely how many flying mis...

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