Thursday, February 14, 2019

An Inspector Calls :: English Literature

An Inspector C each(prenominal)sAn Inspector Calls was written by J.B Priestley in 1944. The playwas range 32 years before the play was actually written. It was set about the year 1912. Britain in the early 1910s was very much astrong, decent business nation, one of the richest in the globe. Forlarge concomitantory and business owners, it was a time for great success.When J.B Priestly wrote the play in 1944, World fight 2 was occurringand Britain was involved. The world was turned into chaos and theideas of highly powered race of the past had been one of itsmajoring contri onlying factors.An Inspector Calls is about a family called the Birlings which contain of Mr. Arthur Birling and his wife, his daughter Sheila andher fiancce Gerald and Eric, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Birling. They area middleclass family in a town called Brumley. The play is based on agirl called Eva metalworker who committed suicide by drinking disinfectant.The inspector then visits the Birlings put up on th e night of Sheilaand Geralds engagement. He interviews all the members of the familyand without them realizing, they all have an dread(a) story to presuppose andthey all have part to play to her death. At the finis of the play, itends with a very mind thinking twist which you end up asking yourself,how did he know? The twist is the inspector is relation this storyabout a girl who swallowed disinfectant and questions all the familyand they all have something to say about themselves and Eva Smithsrelationship. When the inspector leaves, Mr. Birling phones up thelegal philosophy to see if girl has died tonight. The police reply no therehasnt been but when Mr. Birling hangs up the phone, the police callstraight back and say someone has just reported a girl committingsuicide by swallowing disinfectant. How did the inspector know thatthe girl was going to die?J.B Priestleys aims are to fate the audience that middle classedfamilies in the 1910s were not as clever and sure-footed as s ome maythink. They can be in fact very foolish. Priestly puts across a clearmessage in the play is that being responsible for you is not enough tomake the world a better place. Mr. Birling does the opposite to thisin the play by when he says a man has to mind his own business andlook by and by himself. Also the message about power comes across quite intelligibly in the play. Priestleys view on having power is to use itcarefully. You can have-to doe with this to Mr.

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