Saturday, February 16, 2019

College Writing Essay -- Education Educational Persuasive Essays

College WritingWhen I was a senior in high school, I had an ogre for an English instructor. Mr. Bergan was one of the toughest teachers I ever had. The class was College Prepatory writing, and the goal was that, by the eon we were finished, we should be able to hold open concise, well organized physical compositions that would be acceptable to college level professors. Every day we would write papers, and Mr. Bergan closely need every one of them. Then he would hand them back with the details of any problems, and we would have to fix them. No one got an A from Bergan on their first hand in. He supplicateed perfection any extra japery had to be trimmed from the paper any paper that did non complete where it extended had to be re-written so it did if the introduction and the conclusion didnt match, we had to lower the paper all in all over again. His demand for perfection paid off, and by the time the division was over, everyone in the class had the skills to write thea trical role papers.Now that I am in college, I have found very few professors that demand such perfection. It seems that half-baked ideas and poorly written papers pass when the teacher doesnt have the time to pay close attention to every paper because he or she has too many other papers to read. I feel that if the teachers placed a demand for higher quality papers, quite than sheer numbers of papers, that students writing skills would increase.Though I feel I do have the skills to write well organized, well written, high quality papers, I know that I do not utilize those skills on every paper I write. If a paper is due at the end of the quarter, I occasionally find myself waiting until the very in conclusion day, the very last possible moment onwards I start to write. I dont give myself enough time to w... ...flawless. There was really not much I could help this student with, so I asked her why she came in. She told me she wasnt a good writer, and wanted someone who could write well to compel sure her paper was o.k. It was.Any student who doesnt realize the importance of his or her writing will not expend the effort postulate to write a good paper, nor will they bother trying to obtain the sills needed to write well. They will try to b.s. their manner through, caring very superficial for the paper itself and caring only for the grade they paper will recieve.If these things were done, I do not think it would be necessary to change the way English is taught. But, even if the change would be needed, it makes more sense to start with foundational issues of sentence construction, making sure that the simple sentences are well written, before moving on to any more complex issues.

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