Tuesday, April 23, 2019

STRategic Marketing Management ( Analysis and decisions ) Term Paper

strategicalal Marketing Management ( Analysis and decisions ) - Term Paper ExampleAsides from modifying PCs, the community also developed the sound feature on these PCs that allowed melodies and speech to be played (Baldauf and Stair, 201074). Since its inception, the entity has achieved various milestones with the most remarkable one universe the Sound chargeman audio cards. The entity has been through difficulties and has always emerged at the top. This paper gives a detailed outline of fanciful Technology and its strategic marketing management.The major factor that has contributed to the entitys success over the long time is Sims effective leadership. Sim is a born entrepreneur who comes up with creative ideas that have enabled the entity to remain undirected over time. He had a vision for his company and laid down quantifiable goals that saw the company increased profitability over the years (Koh, 2008147). Sim was not only visionary but was a strategic decision-maker and highly effective in solving problems that came up in the companys operations.The second expectation that has contributed to the companys success is diversity in their products. It can be find that technology is propellant and in order to maintain its customers, the entity has always been conducting modifications on their products in the trendiest and latest designs. This can be observed on various occasions. For example, the company was in the lead in the sound card trade in the past twenty years and was struggling owing to the lack of new and inventive products. This explains why Creative Technology ventured into producing a wide array of products including high-end speakers, DVD players and graphic cards. This was followed by the launch of the Sound Blaster and the Cubic CT (Schaar and Chou, 200938). Later in 1998 the company entered into the digital segment of the entertainment industry by launching the Sound Blaster Live That was enjoyed immense success and placed the company at a competitive advantage over its rivals including Philips and Sony.

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