Sunday, April 14, 2019

Education Essay Example for Free

statement EssayMaraming Pilipino ay nananatiling walang pakialam, walang interes, at walang komitment. May pagkamanhid na nagaganap kaugnay ng mga usapin sa moralidad kaya madalas inuunawa na lamang yaong mga bagay na di dapat palagpasinang kasamaan ay hindi nasusugpo dahil lubhang abala ang mga tao sa pagkayod ng ikabubuhay. Kung piquancy nating tayoy umunlad, hindi ito dapat magpatuloy. Express your agreement or disagreement to the statement above. Give concrete examples. In what ways have colonial education developed this apathy or lack of interest?In what ways can the present system of education help solve this problem. To a certain extent, I agree and disagree with the statement, I do not wish to appear notto have a stand on this so allow me to explain If I were to be realistic, I would have to concur that the statement is true. An example is an ordinary instructor working in a public school who handles tierce subjects and an advisory class with 30-50 students per cla ss. She has a family of her own with 2-3 children and a married man who is a government employee. She rents a kinsfolk with a fee of 5 thousand a month, exclusive of utilities.All children are in school. periodical expenses on food, transportation, school fees etc. exceed her and her husbands salaries combined. To augment their monthly earnings some(prenominal) husband and wife take on additional jobs, the teacher has private tutorials after school and the husband drives for a family on the weekends and holi mean solar days. No one can question her integrity as a teacher she does her work well and with sincerity. But with the bulk of her responsibilities not only with her own family solely with her students, do you take she has the time to debate on issues such as corruption in government?An issue that she was natural in and with already. An issue that she has no contiguous solution for. An issue that continues even after the post has changed transfer. That no matter who sits in government, same problem on corruption occurs but on contrasting levels, depth and facets. For this ordinary teacher, she would rather focus her time on the daily problems she encounters and can provide immediate solutions for interchangeable her students failing grades or, frequent absences. Or misunderstandings with a colleagues, or school projects of her kids.Can we fault her for plainly focusing on solutions she has control over? Does that make her insensitive, numb, does not care or uninterested with the issues around her? Will her joining street rallies, taking a day off her from her responsibilities and a days pay from her salary, to denounce the government that seemingly disregards her problems address the corruption issue and solve it within the day she can afford to spare? I do not believe so. She does what she can, at times that she can. This attitude isnoteven colonial.Its an innate Filipino and human value that we all take on when necessary. And the teachers a ttitude of providing solutions at her level no matter how mundane helps the community. Small things like inculcating honest values, and upgrading human respect for others to students under her care would make a difference, so when they grow up and they take on the leadership of the country, she hopes they would be a different brand of leaders. She is but one teacher, but even a small pebble when thrown creates a ripple in any body of water.

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