Sunday, April 21, 2019

Harvard case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Harvard - Case Study ExampleThe Beijing EAP Inc. is a company that provided EAPs to many customers. The nature of its operations required the employees to have strong academic backgrounds that qualified them to operate in this multinational service company. be the largest market holder in the Mainland China, the Company had a huge customer base that categorized it as a big corporation. Amongst some customers of BEC were IBM, Siemens, Samsung, Lenovo, Guadong Mobile, and the China Development Bank.Consequently, the Company had many projects that prompted the management to subdivide the projects to distinct segment managers2. In this case, for instance, Mr. Yang represents a training department manager having a communicational breakdown with Ms. Song, a project manager, based on the confusion of the roles each one was to perform. In some cases, the tension escalated to a point where the employees did not know who to approach concerning the progress of projects.Both being project mana gers at the BEC, the ii senior employees had no idea of the organizational structure. Both the employees had no clear identity of the functions that were under their jurisdiction3. This conundrum faces many large corporations, therefore making it difficult to execute their project as required. However, it is important to precis the authorities, responsibilities, and restrictions of the project managers. This goes a long way in ensuring that similar communicational breakdowns are avoided in the emerging for corporations.The major challenge that the BEC had was the lack of communication. When Mr. Yang and Ms. Song got onto the project, they assumed to understand their duties. In difficult situations, each failed to deliberate the other to comprehend the magnitude of the problem. As a result, the two employees endured poor working relationships.Existence of hierarchy in the management of projects was another problem that

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