Monday, April 22, 2019

Social Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Social Psychology - Essay Examplethe study o f how behavior due to one sort of environmental event (larger distant or abstract rewards) may come to dominate behavior due to another sort (smaller immediate or particular rewards)(Rachlin,2000,p.25). egotism delay is also a apprehension, which is closely related to egotism control. It is taming oneself, to live a certain way of life. This concept is mainly incorporated by the somebody in his life, when he wants to achieve a particular task.Mostly, self control is seen as an somebody trait and as a measure of self discipline. If a soul lacks self control, it is seen as a failure of his character and personality. Self control is the capability of a person to motivate him to do the right thing. It can also be described as stopping ourselves constitute doing things that we see as bad for us. Self control constitutes a fundamental aspect of human behavior. Self discipline is another name for selfcontrol, without which the life of indiv iduals would lead to chaos. Every habit embedded in the human mind is the result of continuous action .So by controlling a behavior he can form or avoid a habit. It can be very well verbalize that, self control is the strong foundation for the building of character in a person.The degree to which an individual think he has control over the events happening to him, is termed as locus of control. Internal versus external control, oft referred to as locus of control, refers to the degree to which persons expect that reinforcement or an gist of the behavior is contingent on their own behavior or personal characteristics versus the degree to which person expect that the reinforcement or outcome is a function of chance, luck or fate, is under the control of powerful other, or is simply irregular(Scrimla,Grimaldi ,2002,p.381).People having high locus of control, have a better control on their behavior and desires. These people trail their life in their own designed path, with their own controlled actions and behavior.

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