Friday, April 19, 2019

Benefits and drawbacks of the electronic health record Research Paper

Benefits and drawbacks of the electronic health record - Research Paper ExampleThe past ex has witnessed technological advancement in virtually every industry. Comp atomic number 18d to a decade ago, many people in developed economies can now purchase goods online, buy air tickets and earn degrees online. Health records have for a long time depended on the traditional system of record keeping that is tedious and prone to errors. electronic health Record (EHR) system plays a springy role in transforming the healthcare system chiefly from a paper based system to a comprehensive computerized system through the use of clinical information to deliver high quality care to the patients. Various countries have come up with laws that direct require the healthcare facilities to adopt EHR and utilize it in a meaningful way with wish to cost containment and errors reduction.This is expected to transform the healthcare institutions for the benefits of both patients and administrators. Howev er, there are various concerns over the use of EHR and questions are asked whether it really meets the intended benefits that are to improve care with acceptable level of errors. This study focuses on the analyze of literature on the impacts of EHR. As stated by Dentler et al (2014), EHR impacts are either beneficial or drawbacks, thus this study embarks on the merits and demerits of implementing an EHR by a healthcare facility as identified by experts in various studies.Electronic Health Register (EHR) refers to the longitudinal electronic record of patients information with respect to health that has been generated through one or more encounters with the patient. EHR contains the patients information related to progress, demographics, past medical history, vital signs, radiology reports, laboratory data, problems and medications (Page et al, 2011). According to Menachemi & Collum (2011), three attributes defines a meaningful use of EHR Computerized Physician order initiation (CP OE) systems, Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and

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