Sunday, April 28, 2019 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - Essay ExampleAmazon advertises extensively on the internet to help raise awareness of their brand. Also, Amazon maintains high-speed growth introducing new merchandises and function available online. Innovations and adaptation policies help to appeal to a particular target audience in assorted markets. The main weakness of Amazon is a negative image of online banking and financial transaction. Many customers do not buy products online afraid of fraudulent actions of companies. Undeveloped banking sector in less developed countries prevent the alliance from rapid international growth. The opportunities included high potential to growth based on the technological transpose and increasing number of internet users. The choice of communications mix should be the most cost-effective effect for achieving the organizations communication objectives. Call centers and the Internet give online booksellers great opportunities to promote its services. Competition and possible le gal changes is the study threat forAmazon (Amazon Home Page 2009).In his book Competitive Advantage Porter identifies five forces that repel competition within an industry (Johnson and Scholes 54). The threat of entry by new competitors is possible but they go forth create a real threat for Amazon. The intensity of rivalry among existing competitors has a great seismic disturbance on Amazon facing with strong competition (Barnes & Noble and other small online companies). Thus, Amazon has positioned itself as a superstore. Pressure from substitute products will not have a great impact on Amazons activity. Today, Amazon proposes a wide range of e-texts and CD-ROMs which can be regarded as substitute products. The bargaining great fountain of buyers is crucial for Amazon. The aim of customers is to pay the lowest possible price to obtain books or other products that they require. The benefit of Amazon is that it purchase in such large quantities that its suppliers are dependent on the customers business. The bargaining power of suppliers does not have a great impact on Amazon because most firms are exceedingly differentiated and need an effective distribution channels for their products (Amazon Home Page 2009).For Amazon, the most successful of quadruplet growth stages was the Growth stage. This success can explained by a strong web culture and surround created by its team. In order to be effective Amazon is responsive to external environmental influences. Amazon operates within a dynamic environment and it requires a structure and culture that are sensitive and readily adaptable to change (Johnson and Scholes 55). Amazons organizational climate influences the level of morale and attitudes which members of the organization bring to bear on their work performance and personal relationships. Also, strong web culture attracts millions of buyers to this store. Web culture is based on non-price competition and strong brand image (Amazon Home Page 2009).Amazo is a leading internet-based company in operation(p) on a global scale. becomes the first mover in the e-retailing market proposing a wide product range to diverse customer targets. E-business allows the company to connect customer service and good levels, increases customer satisfaction and decreases retention artistries. The main strategy is a virtual bookshop which helps the company to promote and sell its products to customers. identical to traditional marketing, a virtual bookshop

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