Thursday, April 25, 2019

Barnabas Medical Centre Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 14

Barnabas Medical Centre - Essay Example2. The power boundary mingled with Dr. Tony, the Associate Chief Medical Officer, and the departmental managers could jeopardize this process, especially if Dr. Tony opted not to cede power to them to make do up with a solution to the problem facing BMC.There could also be a betrothal between the departmental managers as they sought to establish how each department influences the other. This was overcome through Dr. Tonys impelling relationship and communications management.3. In this case, leaders encompass all that offered support and facilitation in the process. Dr. Tony exhibited aflame intelligence as a leader, self-motivating and motivating other members of lag towards the realization of the intended goal and present social awareness. He shared authority and collaborate knowledge. Departmental managers exhibited their active leadership by engaging in the problem-solving process at BMC.4. The factors that made the collaborative eff ort successful included Dr. Tonys effective collaborative leadership and his effective management of communications and relationships. His knowledge of BMCs ED situation and knowledge and skills on healthcare operations also made the collaborative effort successful.1. The leader-followers boundary posed a challenge as the followers (medical staff) could resist the change by their leader, Dr. Till, in adopting the proposed changes. There was also a challenge between the organization and the government, such that, whereas the hospital management seeks to provide the best services to willow Springs residents, the government cuts the needed financial aid.2. Dr. Till is a leader in this case, having ceded his power to the medical staff to allow them to come with effective solutions for Willow Springs residents. He served as a servant leader by supporting and facilitating the workload with the medical staff.

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